Big Sur

This week in Big Sur it was all about the Week of the Young Child.

We made collages with an assortment of art materials.


Using pie plates, beans and paper plates we made our own musical instruments.


We worked together to make a ramp.


We drew pictures of who was in our families.


We cut out houses and did marble painting.


Friends worked together to match healthy/unhealthy foods.

Friends worked together to build towers out of legos.


Using mirrors, we made self portraits. Friends really enjoyed looking in the mirror to see details of our faces.


Music Monday: Thank you to Mr. Chris for coming in and playing the bagpipes. The children loved listening and dancing to the music. They even got the change to play the flute-like instrument.

Taco Tuesday: For afternoon snack, we made tacos!


Work Together Wednesday: We worked together in small groups and made lego structures.

Artsy Thursday: In art, Mis RoseAnne had us make a special project, lily pads and flowers.

Family Friday: We shared family pictures and had a snacknic!

Thank you to the families who read to us, Jen Crittenden & Nate Shae, Jamie Lawson, Julie Plummer, Kim Young, Kristen Erickson, Amy McClary and Andra Martin!


Thank you to everyone who came in and helped this week with the Week of the Young Child.


  • Please bring in a helmet for your child.
  • Please bring home snow boots and bring in rain boots!
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Have a wonderful weekend!