Hello Everyone! This week in Sequoia we learned all about gardening.

We did the Flannel StoryFour Little Flowers and sand The Seed Song during circle time.

Stories we read were, Growing Vegetable Soup, Fruits, Planting a Rainbow and Eating the Alphabet. 

In the classroom we enjoyed playing Ring around the Rosie!


For cognitive we did paper towel tube flower prints.

flower prints.JPG

We had exploration time with fruits and veggies!


In our sensory bin we played with soil and planted our veggies.

KODAK Digital Still Camera


Friends planted fake flowers in pots.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

We used match skills and made carrot and raisin salad.


  • Puddles are here!
    • Please be sure your child has two sets of spare clothes, including socks.
    • Weather is still cold please bring in hats and mittens daily.
    • Check paper files daily.