Hello Parkside Families,

We hope you enjoyed your week! We had new visitors in our Yosemite and Olympic classrooms this week… our

caterpillars came! If this is your first year at Parkside, this is an annual event in our preschool classrooms to watch

the life cycle of a butterfly. At the end of the transformation we have a birthday party for the butterflies and

release them out to the playground. We are looking forward to watching and learning about this awesome life

cycle! Stop by and see them with your younger children if you’d like, too.

Parent Survey: This week you received an e-mail from Miss Lisa that has the link attached to our parent survey.

This survey is an annual occurrence at Parkside; it helps us to identify what we are doing well and how we need to

improve. We look forward to hearing from you! Please know the survey will be open until the end of the month.

At that time we will compile the results and let you know what you had to say about Parkside! We will be having a

friendly competition amongst the classrooms… whichever classroom receives the most responses (percentage-

wise for the number of children/families in the room) the classroom teachers will receive lunch on us!  We are

looking for at least 80% returned surveys this year, so please help us make that happen!

Hop-a-thon: We have finished collecting donations to the MDA from our hop-a-thon on March 28th. We raised $591, including $100 from Parkside. Thank you to all of the families who participated in this meaningful fundraiser! We will be collecting money until the 15th!

Snack Menu: Our snack menu can now be found on our website: or on the back of the first

week’s curriculum! We are always looking for your feedback on our snack menu.

Equipment Fee: We have already been preparing how we are going to improve our playground and our

classrooms! We have ordered many new supplies for all of our classrooms that include new cots and mats, blocks,

dolls, dress-up clothes, and lots of art materials! We also ordered new wagons, bikes, and cozy coupes for the

playground! In addition we have asked for Andy Kopf, our landscaper, to help us improve the drainage on problem

spots of the playground, reseed the back of the playground, and other projects!  Remember, the equipment fee

of $75 per child that goes toward the program year of September 2015-September 2016 pays for all these great

things! If you are a monthly customer the $75 will be added to this month’s tuition, if you are a weekly customer

please make sure to add $75 onto the week owed by April 29th. If you have any questions, please stop by the


Week of the Young Child, April 11-15: We are going to have an exciting and busy week celebrating the children at

Parkside! This event is sponsored by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children). Each day

is a theme: Music Monday we will have a variety of different music for children to listen to including a visitor, Chris

Gray. Chris will be showing and demonstrating the bagpipes for our kids. He will also introduce to us traditional

music that is typically played on the bagpipes! On Taco Tuesday we will be making tacos in the classrooms for

afternoon snack. The concept of Taco Tuesday is to introduce healthy eating and exercise to children. On Working

Together Wednesday each classroom will make their own mural! Artsy Thursday, Miss Rosanne will be making a

special project with the kids! On Family Friday we invite families to bring in pictures of their families. We also

invite family members to our snacknic on Friday afternoon: we will have cheese and crackers and fruit to enjoy

together. Our Glacier, Grand Teton, Sequoia, Zion, and Yellowstone rooms will have their snacknic at 3:30 and Big

Sur, Yosemite, and Olympic rooms will have their snacknic at 4:30. We hope to see you there! In addition to all of

the individual themes throughout the week parents have signed up to read in our classrooms. We are very excited

to celebrate the children at Parkside with all of these awesome activities!

Paint Party! Thank you to the families who attended Parkside’s first paint party this past Saturday, and thank you

to Wendy Libby who facilitated it. Also, thank you to Lisa who helped to manage the event! The pictures showed

how awesome this event was! If you missed the pictures you can visit our Facebook page!

I found the article below on mathematics and it made me think of the recent training our teachers had with Julie

DellaMettera on shut down day: she spoke about the importance of math in our program. Did you know that

babies begin to learn math as early as 5 months? They are able to identify objects that are bigger vs smaller! We

learned that we do math all day long, but we hardly ever announce that we are doing it—but we need to identify

what we’re doing as “math” so that children will feel successful later on and see themselves as mathematicians. I

hope that this article helps you to provide more math opportunities at home for your child! You can find this

article at:

Preschoolers Are Natural Mathematicians

Preschoolers aren’t yet ready to memorize multiplication tables, but that doesn’t mean they cannot learn and

explore math concepts they will use when they move on to elementary school. Try these ideas at home to help

your preschooler explore math.


Offer containers filled with small treasures. Think of lids, buttons, shells, beads, pieces of ribbon, pinecones,

acorns, and similar items as the tools of math learning. Preschoolers will naturally sort them by size, color, and

shape; they will count and compare collections; and they will talk about what they are doing and why—especially if

a grown-up joins in. I saw you examine each button before placing some of them in the blue bowl. What were you

looking at?


Talk about math. Include math talk when cooking, playing at the park, and at bedtime. Our family has five people

eating dinner. How many ears of corn should we shuck? How many times do you want me to push you in the

swing? We can read three books together before turning out the light. You can choose three books from the shelf.


Measure things. Preschoolers enjoy using measuring tools, like rulers and tape measures, and creative items, like

shoes and plastic chains. Ask questions that invite your child to measure something. How wide is your bed? How

tall is our dog? How many shoes long is the carpet?


Build together. Make buildings from wooden blocks, Legos, a collection of recycled items, or shoe boxes with the

tops taped shut. Try masking tape to hold the structures together. Talk about shapes, sizes, widths, and heights as

you build. Then get out the tools and take some measurements. How did you make the building so high? How wide

is the bottom of the structure?

Source: Adapted from the Message in a Backpack, Teaching Young Children 8 (1): 23

© National Association for the Education of Young Children — Promoting excellence in early childhood education

– See more at:


Upcoming Events:

Week of April 11-15: Week of the Young Child!

Patriots Day, April 18th: Parkside is OPEN

Thursday, April 28th: Parent/Teacher Advisory meeting @ 530

May 2-May 6th: Teacher appreciation week! This is a special week at Parkside. It is our way of recognizing all of

the teachers who make our program so special! We know that our teachers have a special part in your child’s day,

if you would like to recognize them with a letter or a gift there will be baskets in the lobby for you to place them in.

We will also have sign-up sheets on the lobby counter for you to sign-up to bring breakfast or lunch items in for the


Monday, May 23rd: Parents Day Picnic! Stay tuned for more information!

Friday, May 27th: Parkside is CLOSED for shut down day!

Monday, May 30th: Memorial Day, Parkside is CLOSED in observance of the holiday

Enjoy your weekend,

Jen V.