Big Sur

This week in Big Sur we learned about the rain forest and the animals that live there!


We made paper bag parrots using feathers, glue, a beak and eyes!

We learned about terrariums and planted grass seed! We will continue to observe these.

Using pattern blocks, we made snakes!


Monkey see, monkey do was lots of fun! Friends used pegged boards with rubber bands and copied each other.

peg boards.JPG

We made out own books using gel pens!


We had a monkey grid game where friends rolled dice, and covered up monkeys with pom pom and numbers on the dice.

monkey grid.JPG

we had a special e-book where we listened to a rainforest book!


We painted with green and added white and black paint to see what happened to the green.

paint with green.JPG



  • Please take home winter books and bring in puddle boots!
  • Next week is the Week of the Young Child. We encourage families to come read a book to us! You can sign up on our clipboard!
  • Also, Big Sur is making a cook book for the Week of the Young Child! Bring in your child’s favorite recipe to be added to our book!