We have had a busy, “hoppy” week in Yosemite. Monday, not only did Miss Cyndi from Maine Audubon come and help us make Robins nests; but we also went outside for the Muscular Dystrophy Hop-a-Thon! Some of us were spotted on the TV coverage!

Our workboards this week were about Spring and April Fool’s day.

We made edible mud.

edible mud.JPG

Does ice cream melt faster in cold or hot water?

ice melt.JPG

We investigated rainbow rice.

Searched for the letter Yy.


We made algebraic rainbow patterns.


Petal pattern matching with our intern Miss Lena was so much fun!

petal pattern.JPG

Our class continues to work with teamwork and being respectful of others. When we are successful, our pom pom jar gains pom poms. We recently earned enough for a pajama party and stuffy day. We will brainstorm ideas for our next reward and vote as a class soon.

The week of the young child is coming up April 11-15. In the past, parents and other family members have come in to the classroom to share a book and the children loves the experience. We would very much enjoy having parents and family members (grams, gramps, etc) come in during the week to share a story with us. If none of the times on the schedule work, please speak to Miss Rosanne or Miss Alyce so we can find a better time for you.

Although the weather is warming, we will continue to dress the children in snow pants for now. They create an extra barrier from mud and puddles.


  • 4/18 is Patriots day and Parkside will be open!
  • 4/22 is Earth Day: we will be doing fun activities to help take care of our planet.
  • Parkside is having a paint party tomorrow!