Happy Friday in Olympic. This week we focused on baby animals and farm animals.


Ask us to name farm animals and we can share their baby’s names!

In ABC we introduced “guided reading” with Pigs on a Farm book. We practiced reading and writing our first set of sight words, “a, am, can, I”. We played with our own pig farm after.

In 123 we matched “pom pom eggs” to numbered eggs 1-10. We laced farm animal shapes when we were done!


In Color, Cut, Draw we made lambs and sheep headbands. We also figured out where 6 animals lived when choosing from farm, forest or houses.

In Drawing we matched baby animals with their adults. We had to choose the environment too!


At Blocks, we are building fences to make fields and pastures for our animals.


At Dramatic Play, we are creating cow and pig masks. We also have pink pasta pig tails to add on to pig patterns.


At Science , we are creating flower petals by noticing the designs made by 4 colors of food coloring added to white coffee filters.

In Vocabulary we are printing on dry erase boards, “annual, calf, colt, gosling and lamb.


At Water Table, we filled and drained colored, prism shaped eggs!


At Game, we have a matching animal card game.

Thank you for all the help with the Hop-a-Thon! We had fun hopping and being on TV.

Thank you for attending the Parent/Teacher Advisory meeting!


  • 4/18 is Patriots day and Parkside will be open!
  • 4/22 is Earth Day: we will be doing fun activities to help take care of our planet.
  • Parkside is having a paint party tomorrow!