Big Sur

This week in Big Sur we learned about worms and mud! We talked about how they wiggle in the dirt and help the soil and plants.

We had “worms” (spaghetti) in dirt and friends used tweezers to pick them up, and some used their hands.


We got to explore night crawlers!

Using special mud paint, we used animals to make animal footprints.

animal print.JPG

We used worms to measure around the classroom!


Using pipe cleaners, we strung beads on to make worms!


We went mudding with cars!


Friends scooped dirt into cups by matching the spoons to the cups. If the spoon said 1, friends would put 1 scoop into the cup with a #1 on it.


We made a worm home and friends used their fine motor skills to put worms through the holes of the house.

worm home.JPG


  • Please bring in a helmet, that is labeled, for your child.
  • Please bring in pictures for our family boards!
  • Paint n’ sip is tomorrow!
  • We are still accepting donations for the Hop-a-Thon until April 12th!
    • Thank you to those who brought in donations!

Have a great weekend!