Big Sur

Even if it does not look like Springtime outside, it is Spring in Big Sur this week!

We painted with thick gooey mud.


We counted the sports on the bunny ears to match the bowtie number with the bunny… We love counting in Big Sur


Using paper punch letters, we made a basket full of letters.

cut out

We made window decorations shaped like Easter eggs.


We used glitter glue to make a new Spring booklet called “It is Spring”!


In Big Sur we decorated Easter Eggs to look like Minions.

minion eggs

We had fun chasing bubbles around Big Sur too!


  • Our MDA Hop-a-Thon will be Monday at 11:30!
    • Everyone is welcome to join us!
  • Parent teacher advisory meeting on the 31st.
  • Parkside paint party 4/2!

Have a wonderful weekend!