Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!

This week our theme was St. Patrick’s day and the color green.  We found many different things that were green throughout our room.  We built a tower out of green blocks and knocked it down. We played with some green ribbon and did some footprints with green paint.  We played with the frog puppet too.

We were excited to have a few of our friends back from vacation.  We missed playing with them.  This week for our dramatic play, we had fun trying on different types of hats.

We have been working on our language skills.  We have been using our voices to sing and practice beginning sounds.  We also have discovered that we can use our tongues to make noises too.


Next week our theme is, “On the Farm.”

Please remember that Parkside is closed Friday March 25th for teacher training.  Have a great weekend!