Big Sur

This week in Big Sur we learned about St. Patrick’s day and focused on the color green. We learned that St. Patrick’s day originated in Ireland and they are Irish.

We used eye droppers and mixed together blue and yellow to make green! eye droppers.JPG

We used green playdough and had special St. Patrick’s day mats! playdough.JPG

By using our fine motor skills, friends ripped paper and made the Irish flag!

In dramatic play we dressed as leprechauns! dramatic play 2.JPGdramatic play.JPG

Friends practiced making a rainbow and learned the colors that make up a rainbow. rainbow.JPG

We made mosaic shamrocks and practiced cutting them out. mosaic.JPG

We had special gold coins with letters on each. We found the letters on the scavenger hunt that matched the letter on the coins.

Friends worked together to sort fruit loops by color. fruit loops.JPG

We made a rainbow chain and hung a pot of gold on the end. We worked on fine motor skills. rainbow chaine.JPG

We used cubes to measure different St. Patrick’s day pictures. cubes.JPG


  • Parkside is closed March 25th for shut down day.
  • Please bring in a helmet for your child.
  • Our Hop-A-Thon is March 28th!
  • Book orders are due March 25th!

Have a wonderful weekend!