Wow! What a week in Yosemite! We experienced February 29th, Leap Day, many of us for the first time! Then, March 2nd was Dr. Seuss’ birthday!

To recognize Leap Day, Miss Cyndi taught us 4 different frog songs with which we created a chorus, and then as all frogs do, we leaped around! Did you know that frogs croak when they leap? That is what Miss Cyndi taught us!

Our workboards have been March and Dr. Seuss themed.

We used our own wind to blow paint around paper.


Our Cat in the Hat hats helped us practice A-B-A-B patterns.


March came in like the lions to which we added beards.


Our letter is Uu. Our project was to create something to go under our umbrellas.


Our green eggs and ham floor puzzle took a lot of teamwork!


Wednesday was a Fields4Kids day. We are so lucky to have such a large, roomy facility to get our energy out! Many thanks to Mr. Ball for helping us to use the facility and leading us in many fun, active games.



Just a reminder, registering for Pre-K needs to be done by March 7th if you would like your child to be included. Please see Miss Alyce, Miss Karen or the ladies at the front office if you would like more information!

Next week we will be learning about spring, baby animals and flowers that we hope will bloom soon. If you have any pussy willows near your home, we would love to have a few to examine!


Have a wonderful weekend!