Assistant Director

Dear Parkside families,

Jen Vachon is on a much deserved vacation this week, so she has entrusted me to write this week’s blog.

When thinking about what to write I started to think about the fact that it’s already March, which led to

me thinking about our weather and how crazy it has been. That led me to think about a saying that was

very popular when I was in school…this is sounding like the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!)…

“March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.” When talking with some of our teachers about different

themes I mentioned this popular lion/lamb theme. It seems that some of our younger teachers were not

familiar with this saying! I wonder how many of you folks remember it or know of it.

What I like about this theme is there are many things to learn about. We will learn that March is a

“transition” month. It can be snowing one day and 50 degrees the next! You can introduce graphing

skills by keeping track of how many days were like lions and how many were like lambs, which leads to a

discussion of adjectives. What would a lion day feel like? Lions are fierce, strong and loud; they growl.

What about lambs? Lambs are soft, quiet and gentle. There are also lots of cute crafts to be made like

paper plate lions and cotton ball lambs. I wonder how many other “popular” phrases are going out of

style? Send us your ideas to!

Dr. Seuss week went well! Lots of books were read, costumes were worn and green eggs plus ham

were eaten! Thank you to everyone who participated. If you would like to borrow a Dr. Seuss book or

two to read at home, just sign them out by the office. Oh, the places we’ll go!

Shut Down Day is coming; we’ll be contacting you to schedule conferences. Some families may be

asked to schedule longer conferences; this is not a negative but simply a recognition that we have more

to talk about with some families. Please mark your calendars for Friday, March 25th as a day that

Parkside will be closed all day for training and conferences.

Hop-a-thon is coming! Hop a thon is coming! Monday, March 28th (the day after Easter) is our Hop-a-thon for

MDA. We have kids wear bunny ears and hop, hop, hop—hopefully outside (weather permitting) but

definitely inside if it’s cold and/or yukky!

Parent Extracurricular Activities!! We had a very small attendance at our Parent/Teacher meeting on

Thursday last week—but we went over the surveys from last year and discussed possible parent

activities. One possibility is a “painting party” with Wendy Libby. Parents had questions about what

that entailed. We propose that on Saturday, April 2 from 10-11:30 Wendy Libby will do a “paint and sip”

without the “sip” party here at Parkside. The fee is $25 for the parent/child duo. Wendy is an

elementary art teacher who also offers adult paint/sip parties. If you have interest in this party, please

email Jen M-R at to let her know. If we have enough interest, we’ll let you know if

Wendy decides to move forward with that date. The Discovery Museum date will be announced.

Parents liked the idea of a family dance in place of “The Family Snacknic” around Mothers and Fathers

Day in the spring—To be determined.


March 7 = Pre-K Registration: Our Pre-K registration deadline for current Parkside children is Monday,

March 7th!! After that day we will open up the registration to anyone from the outside. Right now on

our list we have 17 children. Please pass in your registration this week if at all possible! If you need a

new form please let us know—Allison has several.

Friday, March 25 = Shut Down/Conferences Day (Parkside is CLOSED)

Monday, March 28 = Hop-a-thon for MDA

Thursday, March 31st = Parent/Teacher Meeting at 5:30 (tell us if you need child care)

Saturday, April 2 = Possible Paint Party here at Parkside

Sunday, April 3 = Literacy Tea with Literacy Volunteers at John Bapst (details to come)