This week in Yosemite we talked about Dental Hygiene! We enjoyed our tooth-related workboards this week including…

Tooth fairy dramatic play and a fun tooth adding and subtracting game:DSCF2895

A cooking project (we made ‘mouths’ using apples, sunbutter and marshmallows):DSCF2900DSCF2888DSCF2890

…and an alphabet collage (T is for Tooth!).


We had so much fun on our field trip to the Dental Clinic – be sure to check our the chart showing what we learned!

Fields4Kids today was a great way to get some energy out!


  • The playground is so muddy! You may need to replenish extra clothes daily and/or dry boots and snow-gear.
  • We only received one book order, so we are extending the due date to Thursday, March 3rd.

Have a wonderful weekend!