Greetings from Sequoia! This week we talked about our teeth!

We sang “Brush Your Teeth”, “Give a Smile” and “This is the way we Brush our Teeth”.

Books we loved were “Going to the Dentist“, “My Loose Tooth” and “Stop Train Stop“.


We had fun painting with our toothbrushes and making puffy paint art.

We used yarn as floss to paint.

using yarn.JPG

…And hunting for our toothbrushes in our rice table.

We loved our toothpaste oobleck!

We worked on our gross motor by hopping on a tooth,

and tossing bean bags at teeth taped to the wall.


We matched colored teeth, and hunted around room for teeth.

We worked in fine motor by stacking our legos


and flossing playdough out of the legos.

Next week we will be celebrating Dr. Suess!

Have a great weekend!