This week in Olympic was all about weather! We also went on a field trip to the Dental Clinic!

ABC: We learned about the letter “Vv”. We traced and learned to write the letter “Vv”. We also found V’s in magazines.


123: In 123 we had a review of the numbers 1-5. We practiced writing the numbers and drawing that number of shapes.


Art: We made rainbows out of construction paper squares.


Science: We made rain clouds with shaving cream and food coloring. We also made the clouds move by blowing into a stray to move a cotton ball.

Sand and Water Tables: In the sand table we pretended we were at the beach and made sand castles. In the water table we were having people swim in the pool!


Dramatic Play: In dramatic play we dressed up in different clothes for the sunny warm weather.. We had a bathing suit, cover-up and flip flops. For when it rains, we had some rain boots and for the cold weather we had a hat, mittens and boots!

Blocks: We build pools and houses with our colored blocks.


We also had fun a Fields4Kids and our visit to the Dental Clinic!



Have a wonderful weekend!