February 26, 2016

Hello Parkside Families,

It has been a very busy week for us! Our teachers have been working hard to complete your child’s assessment for the winter benchmark, our Yosemite and Olympic classrooms had a field trip to the dental clinic at UMA and we had to reschedule Fields 4 Kids to Friday due to Wednesday’s storm.  We are also gearing up for all of the exciting events that happen in March (which begins next week) that include celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday and the hop-a-thon (the day after Easter).

Dental Clinic Field Trip: Yosemite and Olympic visited the dental clinic at the University of Maine at Augusta’s clinic—just up the hill from Parkside. The kids had the opportunity to learn about how to keep their teeth healthy and clean and they were able to sit up in a dental chair to have their teeth looked at.  Thank you to Luke LaBree and Lindsay Elie who chaperoned the field trip for Yosemite and Olympic classrooms.  Also, thank you to Nancy Foster (who is a past parent of ours) who coordinated this field trip, and to all of the dental hygiene students who participated!  Also we thank the clinic for paying for the school bus to take the children over and back.  What a great opportunity for our Yosemite and Olympic classrooms!

Parent/Teacher Advisory Meeting:  We met this Thursday to discuss our annual parent survey.  Our parent survey is very important to us, first of all it gives you the opportunity to tell us how we are doing and second of all it is a requirement to be part of Quality of Maine.  At last night’s meeting, Lisa discussed the survey from last year and we discussed which questions should stay, what should be removed, and what should be added.  We hope to get the updated survey completed in the next week or so.  Once the survey is completed we will send you the link to the survey (we use Survey Monkey).  Again, your feedback is very important and hope that you will take a moment to complete it!  Stay tuned for more information!

Dr. Seuss’ birthday!  We will celebrate one of our favorite authors on Wednesday, March 2nd.  Classrooms have planned special activities and we will have one of our favorite snacks…green eggs and ham (or Canadian bacon).  Please let your child’s teachers know if you do not want your child to participate in this activity. Your child may also dress up for the occasion!

Have you seen the great video our Marketing Specialist, Jillian made for Woodrow Cross?  You may know Cross Insurance owns our building.  He is ill at this time which is why the video was created.  You can find the video on Parkside’s  Facebook page!  We thank Jillian for a fabulous job!

Pre-K registration:  Please remember that registration for Parkside’s Pre-K program ends on March 7th!  If you need a new letter, please stop by the office!  We need you to fill out the form no matter what, which means you can say “We’re not comfortable making a decision at this time” (one of the choices on the form).

Upcoming Events:

*Wednesday, March 2nd: Dr. Seuss’ birthday!

*Friday, March 25th (Friday before Easter): Shut down day:  Parkside will be closed for the day to provide trainings for our teachers.

*Monday, March 28th: Hop-a-thon to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association !! (the Monday AFTER Easter) Look for more information in your mailboxes!

*Thursday, March 31st:  Parent/Teacher Advisory Meeting @ 530

Enjoy your weekend, Jen V.