Hello from Olympic!

We had three topics this week which provided a busy and fun schedule.

We celebrated Friendship Day, Valentines Day, Presidents Day and School vacation week!

Monday we made smoothes with Ashley and Courtney from Husson University. We learned that blueberries help with our brain, bananas help with our heart and muscles and strawberries help heal!


Tuesday we made Presidents Pie with 3 ingredients with Miss Karena and Miss Leah. Ask us to show you! We had 2 Oreos, whipped cream and a cherry on top… YUM!

pres pie

Our workboards covered the following.

ABC: Letter Uu. We painted umbrellas.

u unbrella

123: We used magnet shapes to build Uu and other letters.

We Painted with dental floss and toothbrushes.

We Created a dentist office and used materials and tools to help make healthy teeth.


We used real and “pretend” coins to learn presidents’ names and the values of the coins. We made our own rubbings of pennies too.

We built Abe Lincoln’s log cabin in our block area… We used Lincoln Logs!

lincoln log

We solved Valentine card puzzles.

We worked cooperatively to complete a Hello Kitty floor puzzle and we demonstrated kindness and patience.

We practiced 5 vocabulary words and discussed their definition. Cabin, cavity, dentures, empathy and friend.

Make sure you try Presidents Pie!

Thank you for all the Friendship cards and toys and Thank you to Wesley and his family for the delicious strawberry ice cream!

friend day


  • Thursday is parent/teacher meetings.
  • March 26th is shut down day.

Have a wonderful weekend!