Goodbye January… Hello February!

This week in Olympic we focused on the 5 senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch!

In ABC we focused on the letter Ss for the word senses, and we made Sunglasses.


In 123 we made scarves and matched 1,2,3,4,5 stripes to the pattern on the scarf.


In Color, Cut & Draw we became builders using many senses to create Goldilocks and The 3 Bears.


Writing Center focused on recognizing uppercase letters with their lowercase letters.


Dramatic Play, we had a “Sweet & Sour Cafe” where we explored senses of smell and taste with a variety of choices.


In Blocks we worked as partners and teams to build with small, medium and large blocks with small and large cups, to add balconies to our buildings.


Ask us to tell you what our 5 Vocabulary words mean… Pupil, ear drum, nostrils, taste buds and circulation.


We had a “Feeling Box” to help us use our sense of touch. We were quick to identify 10 objects!


We used 4 puzzles, reinforcing pictures and words of all 5 senses.

We painted with different textures… Sponges, q-tips, forks and pom-poms.


We had a great time at Fields4Kids. Thank you so much MJ!

Thank you to Miss Genevieve and Miss Roseanne!


  • 2016 tuition paperwork is due!
    • If you have not turned yours in, please do so at your earliest convenience.
  • Friendship Day is next Monday Feb. 15th.
    • We will be having a special afternoon snack to celebrate all of the great friendships at the center.
    • Please stop by the office if you need a class list of your Child’s classroom.
    • Shut down day is March 25th. Parkside will be CLOSED on this day.