Hello Parkside Families,

What a great week we had at Parkside!  Many of us were very excited to hear that Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow on Tuesday, which means we will have an early spring this year!  Of course as many of us know that mud season comes after winter- and that is exactly what we are experiencing on the playground!

Fields 4 Kids update:  This week was the first time we took our Big Sur class along to Fields 4 Kids along with the Yosemite and Olympic classrooms.  Thank you to Tim McClary and Ty Brehaut for coming along for the fun!

Family Event Update:  Last week in my blog I discussed ideas that were given at this month’s parent/teacher advisory meeting for upcoming parent events.  We are continuing to gather information, and networking with resources who can help us make these events successful.  Stay tuned for more information over the upcoming weeks!

Monday, February 15th: Friendship party:  We will be celebrating our friends on Monday, February 15th with some special events and some yummy treats.  We sent home a list of the friends in your child’s classroom on the back of the curriculum for the week of January 25th, if you need another copy of the list please stop by the office.  As a reminder, please remember that Parkside has a no candy policy; please do not send any candy with your child to give out.

Thursday, February 25th:  Yosemite and Olympic class trip to the dental clinic:  For the last two years we have had a field trip to the dental clinic at the University of Maine at Augusta campus.  Cyr Bus Line will transport us to the clinic. Both our Yosemite and Olympic rooms will be traveling to the campus to learn more about dental health and learn more about going to the dentist.  Please look for permission slips in the upcoming weeks along with more detailed information!

Article:  A couple of weeks ago Jen M-R sent me this article, which I think is FANTASTIC!  There are times during the weekend when I feel I should be doing an activity with my daughter, Abby.  I’ll admit to you that I’m not a creative person, so this article has been a great resource to me.  You can find this whole article (with the pictures) at:


25 inexpensive ways to keep your kids busy when they’re bored

To be a parent means to be always prepared. Yes, just like Boy Scouts. It helps to also be quick-witted and innovative, of course.

If you can keep your little ones busy without spending a lot of money, you are truly a super-parent. Here are some great ideas for keeping your kids entertained — and most importantly, they’re free.

  1. Use colored tape to make car tracks.
  2. Instead of multi-colored chalk, you can also use tape to make a game of hopscotch indoors. To play hopscotch, you should first lay out the court on the ground. If you’re playing indoors, then use your colored tape. It will definitely keep your child busy.
  3. To arrange an improvised bullseye game or maybe you own darts tournament, all you will need is a couple of sponges and some chalks.
  4. Remember those dress-up dolls we had? They were made of paper and we had to cut their ’clothes’ and ’accessories’ with scissors.

You can make the old game much more realistic with a box of chalk and some old clothes.


Upcoming Events:

*Monday, February 15th: Parkside is OPEN and our Friendship party!

*Thursday, February 25th: Dental clinic field trip for the Yosemite and Olympic rooms

*Thursday, February 25th: Parent/Teacher Advisory Meeting @ 5:30!

Enjoy your weekend,


Jen V.