Big Sur

This week in Big Sur, we learned about Groundhog Day and shadows.

We asked on Monday.. “Will the groundhog see his shadow?” We voted yes or no.


The next day we talked with friends about how the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, and we would have Spring come early this year!


We used the 1 Minute Tower to see how many cubes we could stack and make an icicle!


We made mini books about bears…


In our groups, we listened to “Wake up, Groundhog” on CD. After we listened, we drew what our favorite part was!


Using clipboards, we found pictures and words. Friends wrote down what the words were! We practiced letter writing.


We had letter matching with, I love you cards, where we found the letters the matched the cards in our hands!


We painted paper towel tubes brown to make a groundhog sticking out of the top!


We worked on a number puzzle with bears and numbers! We identified letters ad worked together to put the puzzle together!


We practiced a groundhog poem with felt groundhogs!


We used glitter and glue to decorate a capitol and lowercase Gg.


Fields4Kids was a blast! We loved running around!



  • Please always have 2 shirts, pants, socks and underwear at all times.
  • Please bring in family pictures for family boards!
  • No glass containers allowed at Parkside!
  • 2016 tuition paperwork is due!
    • If you have not turned yours in, please do so at your earliest convenience.
  • Friendship Day is next Monday Feb. 15th.
    • We will be having a special afternoon snack to celebrate all of the great friendships at the center.
    • Please stop by the office if you need a class list of your Child’s classroom.
    • No candy is allowed
  • Shut down day is March 25th. Parkside will be CLOSED on this day

Have a great weekend!