Hello from Sequoia! It was all about animals in winter this week!

We loved singing “Oh, I Wish it was Snowing” and “I Love Snow”. Books we enjoyed were “A Silly Snowy Day”, “Huggly’s Snow Day” and “Mitten”.

We used animals to paint tracks on paper.

DSCF6008 DSCF6014

We walked our animals through cotton ball snow.

DSCF6030 DSCF6029

And made them lego houses.


We pushed our animals through shredded paper.

DSCF6060 DSCF6059

We used stickers and white crayons.

DSCF6062 DSCF6061

We molded the snow we brought in from outside.


We worked on balance by waddling like penguins with bean bags.


And ate yummy snowmen crackers that were cream cheese, carrots and raisins.


We loved our mold-able dough!


Next week we are learning about winter transportation.


  • 1/28 there is a Parent/Teacher advisory meeting.
    • Starts at 5:30 and everyone is welcome!
  • 2/15 is Parkside’s Friendship Day!
    • Please remember: No cancy
    • If you would like a class list, please visit the office.

Have a wonderful weekend!