Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!

This week we talked about winter activities.  We practice putting on hats and gloves.  It was fun to try and see what we could pick up with our big gloves on.


We played with snow sensory bags with food coloring.  We got to feel how cold the snow is and when we shook the bags it turned the snow really pretty colors.  It also made the snow start to melt.

102_2442 102_2404

We loved climbing our gross motor ramp covered in bubble wrap.  It made a funny noise when we crawled on it.

102_2429 102_2432

We created a blizzard picture using finger paints.  We played with the colorful parachute together too.  We liked it when the teacher flap the parachute up in the air and let it float down on top of us.


It was a busy week!


  •  January 28th is the parent/teacher advisory meeting.  All are welcome to come.
  • Please remember to return your tuition and liability forms to the office.

Stay warm this weekend!