Hello Glacier Families!

Our friends had fun with “Winter Fun in Maine” this week.

We used our sensory and played with snow!


We also practiced driving our cars over slippery roads with white paint.


We used our fine motor skills painting winter sleds red.


Sometimes we just enjoyed being with our friends hanging at the gate. DSCN1812



  • 1/28 there is a Parent/Teacher advisory meeting.
    • Starts at 5:30 and everyone is welcome!
  • 2/15 is Parkside’s Friendship Day!
    • Please remember: No cancy
    • If you would like a class list, please visit the office.
  • Please check your child’s daily notes sheet to check to see if your child needs any supplies.
  • Please be sure to check in and out in the classroom on the sign in/out sheets located on top of our cubbies.
  • Label all belongings.
    • Boots, pacifiers and food included.