Big Sur

This week in Big Sur we learned about different winter activities. When asked “what is your favorite thing to do in the snow?” friends replied with “make a snow minion, make footprints, sledding and snowballs” to name a few!


We went ice fishing. This focused on hand-eye coordination.

ice fish

We ‘skied’ in the snow, using Popsicle sticks and mixed glue and shoving cream together for puffy snow paint! We even added some glitter.


Using playdoh and buttons, friends made a snowman!


We brought snow into the classroom and painted it with watercolors!


Friends worked together to find matching snowflakes!


We traced letters W, I, F, & S. Some said snow and ice fishing!


In the science area, we had an experiment on a tray where we had ice. Friends would sprinkle salt on the ice and we noticed it all melted away!


We practiced counting by putting the correct number of buttons on the snowman.


We learned a new word called “sequencing”, we put snowmen in the correct sequencing order. We looked at the pictures and put them in order on how to build it.


We made abstract snowmen by painting our paper with white and adding a hat, nose and eyes.


We practiced letter recognition by doing letter soup!


We even went ice skating around the classroom on blocks!



  • 1/28 there is a Parent/Teacher advisory meeting.
    • Starts at 5:30 and everyone is welcome!
  • 2/15 is Parkside’s Friendship Day!
    • Please remember: No cancy
    • If you would like a class list, please visit the office.
  • Please always have 2 pairs of underwear, socks, pants and shirts in child’s cubby at all times.
  • No popcorn is allowed at Parkside.
  • Tuition packets are due January 24th!


Have a great weekend!