January 15, 2016

Hello Parkside Families,

This week certainly was cold, windy, and snowy!  In fact, we were only able to get outside a couple of times this week mostly because of the wind.  I heard families ask teachers why we weren’t able to go outside.  The reason for this is we have a strict weather regulation from the state that states we cannot go outside if the actual temperature or the feels like temperature is 20 degrees or below.  If it is windy outside we certainly need to make sure we carefully check the temperatures before going outside.

2016 Tuition and Liability forms:  This is a reminder to families who have not returned these forms to the office that they are due BY Monday, January 25th.  Please make sure the forms are filled out completely before returning them.

Medication:  As you may know, we are mandated by the state to make sure all medication forms at Parkside are updated every 30 days.  If your child has medication here at the center expect your child’s teacher to have you review the medication form monthly.  If your child has medication at the center and you feel it is not necessary for it to be here, please request to take it home.  If you would like us to dispense medication to your child the only way for this to happen is for you to fill out a medication form, and that we have the original box of medication (ie not loose pills, or a bottle with no label), if the medication is a prescription it again needs to come in its original box with the prescription label.

Illnesses and health updates:  Parents, if your child has been diagnosed with a contagious illness please contact us so that we may post this notice to our families.  You may know, but we post contagious illnesses in the bulletin board across from the office.  We are also required to notify the state of specific communicable diseases, so we really do rely on you to notify us of anything communicable that your child has been diagnosed of.  We also ask you to notify your child’s teacher if your child has any changes in their health, such as having surgery, having a rash, or developing an allergy to food or environmental items.  We post all of the children who have a health condition so that we are all aware of any modifications needed or what we should be alert too.  Did you see the news clip on WABI with Jen M-R?  We were asked to discuss ways to help cut down in illnesses at the center.  The link to the story is:

Read Alouds:  Our teachers intentionally plan for at least 4 read alouds throughout the day (those are the books recorded on your weekly curriculum form).  We believe read alouds are a positive experience for children and they also help to extend their learning of the theme for the week.  Below, is a poster I saw this week which I thought captures the importance of other reasons why read alouds are so important.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.41.13 AM

Upcoming Events:

*Thursday, January 28th at 5:30: Parent/Teacher Advisory Meeting.  All parents are welcome to join us for this meeting.  There will be an agenda posted in the upcoming week.  There will be childcare available; please notify the office by Wednesday, 27th if you need child care for this meeting.

*Monday, February 14th:  Friendship Day!  We will have fun celebrating all of the friends in our classroom by having friendship games, and special snacks.   Please stay tuned for more information.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,


Jen V.