Big Sur

This week in Big Sur we talked about Polar Animals, mostly polar bears and penguins.


We cut shapes of penguin bodies and glued wings, beaks and googly eyes to make penguins for our next bulletin board. IMG_9301


We used black and white beads to make a pattern.


We played with small blocks and polar animals.


We played a matching game with picture cards of arctic animals.


We even rescued a polar bear and penguins from the ice!!


We played with polar play dough, it was cold and it had blue sparkles in it.


Other activities we did for our polar animal week were, floating penguins, play break the ice game, counting bears and tracing polar animals and our names!



  • Parent/Teacher advisory meeting January 28th at 5:30pm.
    • Everyone is welcome!
  • Tuition packets are due back by January 18th.
  • Book orders are due January 22nd.
  • Please have two pairs of mittens in child’s cubby because of 1st pair getting wet in the morning.
  • Please always have two socks, paints, shirts, etc.. Due to the weather! Clothes sometimes get wet we me play in the snow!



Have a great weekend!