Happy 2016!

We are happy to have almost all of our 20 friends back this week. We still have one of our friends on vacation.


Winter activities and sports was the theme this week.

Miss Karen brought in her cross country skis and down hill skis this week. We had fun exploring equipment names and exploring both sets.

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ABC: Letter Oo: We practiced printing this letter of the week! We learned about winter birds in our weekly reader.

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123: We looked at numbers on hats. How many pom poms do you need?


We painted winter scenes on black paper with white paint.


We learned and printed 5 vocabulary words (cross country, skate, snowmobile, toboggan and ice fishing).

We also used musical instruments with our small bands and sang.

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We cut and decorated mitten pairs.

Miss Trudi brought in a shell for us to pretend to be turtles. She brought in a real turtle too!

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We practiced a counting hat game… IN FRENCH!

We used many muscles in P.E.


Thank you for remembering boots, snow pants, hates, coats and mittens.

Please be sure spares are here!