Hello from Olympic!

This week we have been working on the letter Ll. We have been recognizing it in our Luscious Lollipop song. We have printed and traced Ll. We have practiced saying the sound and picking it out in our names.


We have reviewed the number 0. We have been counting backwards and printing and tracing 0.


We colored, cut, and decorated green holiday trees.


We practiced painting the word tree and painting green trees.


Our sensory table is “hiding” holiday decorations.


Miss Cyndi shared a great book about squirrels and then we broke up into 2 groups and “became” squirrels storing nuts.


Miss Genvieve reviewed colors in french with us.

olym (2)

Miss Samantha split us in 2 groups for P.E. We filled our hallway and learned different ways to crawl. The other part of our group practiced spelling our names and counting to 10 while jumping on the trampoline.


Miss Roseanne worked with us during art class while Ross Manor residents helped us.


Husson Students, Kaitlynn and Rachele,  had fun with us as we ran a relay getting dressed with outside clothes as fast as we could. We also made a healthy snack mix with them!

olym (3)


  • Please remember to sign up to volunteer for Gingerbread baking – if you can next week!

Have a great weekend!