Big Sur

It is turkey time in Big Sur!

We are wild about turkeys and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

We started our week making pine cone turkeys, we are very creative with glue and googly eyes.


We made homemade butter and biscuits, then we ate our snack.

We painted in pie tins and and made a print from our tins.

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We played with turkey food (cornmeal and popping corn) in our sensory bins. It was fun and messy!

bs (3)

At our water table we used turkey basters and made bubbles in the water.

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  • Parkside is CLOSED Wednesday November 25-27th.
  • We are collecting non-perishable items for the local food pantry!
    • Thank you so much to the families that have already brought in items!
  • Next month we will be doing elf on the shelf to promote positive behavior.
    • If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to talk to Miss Nicole!
  • Now, it is getting colder, please bring in labeled hats and mittens!