Grand Teton

Happy Halloween from Grand Teton!

This week’s theme was all about pumpkins and Halloween!

We sang Autumn songs and did the, “Five Little Pumpkins” poem.  We filled our pumpkin buckets with toys and had fun dumping them out.

102_1893 102_1881 102_1890

We read “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” “Trick or Treat, Calico” and some of our other favorite books.


We got to explore a pumpkin too!  We explored the pumpkin seeds in a texture bag.  We got to feel the smooth cold skin of the pumpkin and the rough bumpy stem.  We all took turns feeling the squishy mush inside too!

102_1920 102_1935 102_1898

We are ending the week with a Halloween parade and painting a picture using a mini pumpkin.  Have a great weekend!