Hello Glacier parents!

The theme this week was Eating Healthy Foods.

We explored the ins and outs of a pumpkin. The kids were able to touch and feel the insides of the pumpkin. We talked about how it was slimy and wet. The outside, we discussed was hard and orange.

Glac (2)

We played with play food. We talked about each food and why it was healthy. We then used the play food and painted and stamped with them.


We enjoyed playing outside on the deck. We climbed, slid down the slide, and explored with falling leaves.

Glac Glac !!!!!! DSCN1318


  • Label, Label, Label!!! We need your help parents, so that we don’t mix up your child’s items with someone elses!
  • Cold weather is upon us so we need, hats, mittens, warm shoes, and warm coats. Brrr…
  • Check your child in and out in the classroom everyday.
  • Check your child’s folder daily which is located on top of your cubbies.
  • Please check your child’s daily note everyday to check to see if they need any supplies.

Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend!