The Letter Ff: This wee we practiced printing and sounding out the letter Ff.


Our work boards involved:

ABC: We printed the letter Ff with chalk on black paper. We also read our  Pumpkin Weekly Readers.


123: We reinforced our number of the week – #5, by drawing 5 and placing 5 stickers on a paper pumpkin.

Olympic (2)

Color, Cut, Draw: We created our own artistic jack-o-lanterns!

Olympic (3)

Stars: We painted orange jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins with orange paint and we used yellow and white play dough with with leaves, and pumpkin cookie cutters.

Olympic (4)

Science: Check out our big, medium, and little area with fall outdoor examples!


We hope you have a great weekend!



  • October 22 is the Parent/Teacher Council meeting.
  • October 30 is Parkside’s Halloween parade! Children may come to school in their Halloween costumes for a fun parade. (Please no masks or toy weapons).