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October 9, 2015

Hello Parkside Families,

What an exciting week we had!  The Bangor Fire Department visited Parkside and our Olympic and Yosemite classrooms went to the Treworgy Family Orchards!  I hope you heard many tales of all of the experiences your child had this week!  A special thank you to the parents in our Olympic and Yosemite classrooms that helped to chaperone our field trip to the orchards!  Please take a look at all of the pictures from this week’s adventures!

We also want to thank all of the families who have sent us positive messages in response to our letter.  We are looking for families who would like to be a volunteer character witness; if you are interested please email me at

Trike-a-thon update!  We are very proud to announce that Parkside families donated $1,520 to St. Jude’s hospital!  Thank you to all who participated in the trike-a-thon and donated to make this event such as success!

Parkside Pumpkin patch:  Wow, there are some creative pumpkins in our pumpkin patch!!  Thank you to families who have brought in their pumpkin; we will continue this throughout the month of October.

Time-Outs:  At Parkside our philosophy is to use Conscious Discipline and state regulations agree that we cannot use time outs.  Instead our approach is to use methods from Conscious Discipline such as breathing and going to the safe place.  Conscious Discipline helps to teach children how to regulate their emotions in a supportive environment vs sending a child to a place to handle their emotions by themselves.  I encourage you to visit the Conscious Discipline website at or talk with your child’s teachers about techniques that are used in their classroom.  This week I received an article in regards to time-outs that helps to support the reasons why we don’t support the idea of using time-outs.  This article came from Exchange EveryDay on October 5, 2015:

-Earl of Beaconsfield

A posting in “The Spoke,” a blog of Early Childhood Australia, “What’s the Problem with Time-Out, Anyway,” lists these effects of time out…

*  When a child is excluded from interacting with others (time-out), they are effectively ostracized (isolated from relationship) by those more powerful than them – parents and teachers. Ostracism studies in adult relationships found that excluding people threatens the needs of: self-esteem. If this is the effect on adults, how much greater is the impact of social isolation on children?

*  Time-out does not teach social and emotional life skills. When parents or caregivers use their power to put a child in time-out, children learn that this is how to resolve conflict.

* Time-out does not seek to understand the reason for the behavior.  When we use time-out to punish a child for misbehaving, we forget to look for the unmet need that led to the behavior.

Contributed by Karma Gahleg, World Forum National Representative from Bhutan

Upcoming Events:

*Monday, October 12th:  Columbus Day; Parkside is OPEN!

*Thursday, October 22: Parent/Teacher Advisory Meeting:  We will plan to meet at 5:30 in the Olympic classroom.  Parents, this meeting is open to ALL!  Please stop by the office if you need child care during this meeting by Wednesday!  Hope to see you there!

*Friday, October 30th:  Halloween!  Parkside will celebrate Halloween with a parade and many fun activities throughout the day.  Parents, please make sure to bring your child to Parkside with their costumes on (please do not bring any masks).  After the morning parade your child will take their costume off so that it is safe, and hopefully clean when you pick them up!  I also want to remind everyone of Parkside’s candy free policy; we will not allow your child to eat any candy while at Parkside so please do not send it.

*Sunday, November 1st: Daylight Saving Time Ends L

*November 2-20th:  Parkside’s annual food drive!  We will have baskets in your child’s classroom for you to place nonperishable food to donate to a local food bank.  Every year we have a friendly competition to see which classroom can donate the most food!  We look forward to see which room wins! J

*Friday, November 6-13th:  Scholastic Book Fair!!  We will have all of the books available for sale displayed in the hallway beginning on the 6th.  Parents you can pay for your child’s books at the office.  We apologize but we are not able to “hold” any books; if we run out of a popular copy we can certainly order more.

*Wednesday, November 25th  (the day before Thanksgiving):  Parkside is CLOSED for our shut down day!  We will also offer parent/teacher conferences throughout the day.  We will have sign-up sheets in each classroom to sign up for an appointment as we get closer to this date. 

*Thursday and Friday November 26th and 27th:  Parkside is CLOSED for Thanksgiving and the day after.

Enjoy your weekend,


Jen V.


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