Big Sur

Hello from Big Sur!

This week we continued to learn about fall! We’ve been talking about what happens during the fall to which children have been saying: leaves are changing, pumpkin picking and apple picking, it gets colder, and leaves are falling.

We got to decorate leaves to add to our new fall bulletin board! We also washed pumpkins and built a pumpkin patch for our pumpkins! Painting with fall spices (pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, and brown sugar) was a lot of fun! The children really enjoyed learning about fall!

Next week we will be learning about fire safety, and a firetruck will be visiting!


  • Please return book orders by Monday October 26th.
  • Parkside is collecting decorated pumpkins (not carved) you and your children have to be displayed in front of our building for our Pumpkin Patch!
  • Also, please please please label everything! Including ice packs, clothes, jackets, etc. This way we don’t lose your child’s things.
  • Thank you,

Have a great weekend!

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