Olympic Blog


Last week and this week have been the official welcome to Olympic Pre-K. Mrs. Karen and Ms. Leah are the Pre-K teachers.

We have been working on families and friends. What does each look like? What feelings of appreciation and kindness do we show?

Please bring in your family picture to help decorate our door. We are cutting magazine photos of “you” if we are unable to find a family photo from your home. Thank you!

Each week our work boards of 5 stations will have a different theme. However, we will focus on an alphabet letter and number each week. We see them, sound them out, and practice writing them using different tools. We brought home great examples of Aa and #0 this week.

We are also exploring magnets and participating with weekly reader activities.

Next week, ask your child about art, music, lunch, Spanish, P.E., and discovery time with Miss Trudi.

Thanks for your help adjusting to our new room!


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