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August 7, 2015

Hello Parkside Families,

Thank you to all of the families who attended our pizza night on Thursday evening!  I believe the evening was a success; it was great watching families connecting with other families as well as children playing with their friends.  The weather was perfect which allowed the kids to play out on the playground and they were show their parents the two new playground pieces we just purchased.  Have you seen these two pieces?  We now have musical chimes for the kids to create their own music and we have a merry-go-round that is with tricycles.  Please take a look at some of the pictures from Thursday night!

Fields Pond Audubon Partnership:  We are very excited to announce to you a new outreach program from the Fields Pond Audubon in Holden, ME.  Cyndi Kuhn, the Education Coordinator will be visiting our Yosemite and Olympic classrooms twice a month to provide more nature and science based activities.  Cyndi will be providing 45 minute lessons in both classrooms which will alternate the weeks that Miss Trudi comes to us from the Maine Discovery Museum.  It is a goal for us at Parkside to continue to educate children of the nature that surrounds us, and believe Cyndi is a great elective for the kids at Parkside.

“We’ve Got Your Back” campaign:  Please help us to collect school supplies for children in our community who need our assistance; we are collecting back packs as well other school supplies until August 17th.  Please place your donated items on the school bus that Elmo is driving.  Thank you for your contributions!

End of the Year Event: August 28th (rain date August 27th):  Families, we are planning an eventful day with games, activities, yummy cotton candy (provided by Specialty Sweets), and of course bounce houses!  Families who have left Parkside before this date are welcome to come, parents you must stay and accompany your child while they play with their friends.  We will have recess times for each age group in next week’s blog… stay tuned for more information!

I really appreciated the information in the following article; although it can be difficult knowing I could receive the award for being the meanest mom in the world I know that it is for the best!  I’m sure I am not the only parent who thinks that!  I hope you enjoy the content of this article as much as I did!  You can find this article at

Megan Wallgren

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  • Once, I walked out of the store without giving into my child’s tantrum for a cookie. A woman stopped me in the parking lot and told me I was the best parent in the shopping center. My daughter wasn’t so sure. When your kids tell you you’re mean, take it as a compliment. The rising generation has been called the laziest, rudest, most entitled kids in history. The stories about spoiled rotten kids scare the best of moms. Newsflash: it’s not the kids’ fault, it’s the parents. It’s easy to want to throw in the towel with your own kids. After all, don’t we all want to be the cool mom? Don’t give up. They may think you’re mean now, but they’ll thank you later.

Here are 12 ways to be the meanest mom in the world: (Moms shouldn’t have all the fun. Here are 13 ways to be the most annoying dad on the planet.

  • Make your kids go to bed at a reasonable time
  • Is there really anyone who hasn’t heard how important a good night’s rest is to a child’s success? Be the parent and put your kid to bed. No one ever said the kid had to want to go to bed. They may put up a fight at first, but with consistency, they’ll learn you mean business. Now enjoy some quiet me or couple time.
  • Don’t give your kids dessert every day

Sweets should be saved for special occasions. That’s what makes them a “treat.” If you give in to your child’s demands for goodies all the time, he won’t appreciate the gesture when someone offers a sweet gift or reward. Plus, imagine the dentist and doctor bills that may result from your over-indulgence.

  • Make them pay for their own stuff

If you want something, you have to pay for it. That’s the way adult life works. To get your kids out of your basement in the future, you need to teach your children now that the gadgets, movies, video games, sports teams and camps they enjoy have a price. If they have to pay all or part of that price, they’ll appreciate it more. You may also avoid paying for something your child only wants until he has it. If he’s not willing to go half with you, he probably doesn’t want it that badly.

  • Don’t pull strings

Some kids get a rude awakening when they get a job and realize that the rules actually do apply to them. They have to come on time and do what the boss wants. And, (gasp!) part of the job they don’t even like. If you don’t like your child’s teacher, science partner, position on the soccer field or placement of the bus stop, avoid the temptation to make a stink or pull strings until he gets his preference. You are robbing your child of the chance to make the best of a difficult situation. Dealing with less than ideal circumstance is something she will have to do most of her adult life. If children never learn to handle it, you’re setting them up for failure.

  • Make them do hard things

Don’t automatically step-in and take over when things get hard. Nothing gives your kids a bigger self-confidence boost than sticking to it and accomplishing something difficult for them.

  • Give them a watch and an alarm clock

Your child will be better off if he learns the responsibility of managing his own time. You’re not always going to be there to remind her to turn off the TV and get ready to go.

Read: How to discipline children constructively using the ‘rewind system’

  • Don’t always buy the latest and greatest

Teach your children gratitude for, and satisfaction with, the things they have. Always worrying about the next big thing and who already has it will lead to a lifetime of debt and unhappiness.

  • Let them feel loss

If your child breaks a toy, don’t replace it. He’ll learn a valuable lesson about taking care of his stuff. If your child forgets to turn in homework, let him take the lower grade or make him work out extra credit with his teacher himself. You are teaching responsibility — who doesn’t want responsible kids? They can help remind you of all the things you forget to do.

  • Control media

If all the other parents let their child jump off a bridge, would you? Don’t let your kids watch a show or play a video game that is inappropriate for children just because all their friends have done it. If you stand up for decent parenting, others may follow. Create some positive peer pressure.

  • Make them apologize

If your child does something wrong, make her fess up and face the consequences. Don’t brush rudeness, bullying, or dishonesty under the rug. If you mess up, set the example and eat your humble pie.

  • Mind their manners

Even small children can learn the basics of how to treat another human with respect and dignity. By making politeness a habit, you’ll be doing your kids a huge favor. Good manners go a long way toward getting someone what they want. We’ve all heard the saying, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

  • Make them work — for free

Whether it’s helping grandma in the garden or volunteering to tutor younger kids, make service a part of your child’s life. It teaches them to look outside themselves and realize that other people have needs and problems, too — sometimes greater than their own.

With all the time you spend being mean, don’t forget to praise and reward your children for their stellar behavior. And always, make sure they know you love them.Here are 10 things a mom should tell her kids every day. With a little luck, your kids can turn the tide and make their generation one known for its hope and promise.

*Upcoming Events:

*”We’ve Got Your Back” Campaign:  We will be collecting school supplies which include back packs until Monday, August 17th!  Please place any donated supplies on the school bus!

*End of the Year event:  August 28th (rain date August 27th)

*September 4th:  Parkside is CLOSED for Shut down day.  We will have a full day of trainings for our teachers.

*September 7th: Parkside is CLOSED for Labor Day!

*September 24th:  Parent/Teacher Advisory Meeting:  Look for more information on our advisory group as well as an agenda of the meeting will be posted the week before the meeting!

Enjoy your weekend,

Jen V.

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