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July 24, 2015

Hello Parkside Families,

It has been a wonderful week at Parkside!  This week we have been preparing for an eventful month of August.  We have many different events happening at Parkside next month; please mark your calendars!

*”We’ve got your back” fundraiser:  We are proud to say that we have been involved in helping with this campaign for the last three years!  “We’ve got your back” is a fundraiser put on by Penquis CAP to donate school supplies, including backpacks to families in our community.   We are told backpacks are the best donation, but Penquis will also appreciate other school supplies such as pencils, notebooks, crayons, etc.   Beginning Monday, July 27th we will have a school bus in front of the doors where you put any donated supplies on (Elmo will be driving).  We will be collecting until Monday, August 17th.  We appreciate any donations that you give to help!

*Pizza Night, August 6th: 5:30-7:00!  We had so much fun in June with the pizza night we thought we would plan another one!  Families, who are new to Parkside our pizza nights are a great way to meet other families, talk with your child’s teacher, with dinner included!  If you would like to come please stop by the office and sign up, the cost is $7/family.  We did increase the cost from our last pizza night because we realized that the cost for this event was more than we thought.  For this reason, we have decided to increase the cost from $5 to $7.  The deadline to sign up by the evening of Wednesday, August 5th;   we hope to see you there!

* End of the Year Event:  Parents, please mark your calendars for August 28th (rain date, August 27th); we will have our annual end of the year event!  We welcome parents and children who have left Parkside to come and play with their friends (parents, please plan to accompany your child).  We will have plenty of activities for everyone, including bounce houses, games, and even a photo booth! Specialty Sweets will also be here in the afternoon providing cotton candy for all of the kids!  Stay tuned for recess times and more information as we get closer!

*Amber necklaces:  Parents, if your child comes to Parkside wearing amber necklaces they need to be REMOVED!  We heard from our licensing inspector that amber necklaces are considered a choking hazard if a friend pulls on them or if they happen to break and a child puts the beads in their mouth.  Effective immediately, please make sure your child is not coming into Parkside wearing a necklace, if they are we will remove it.  Thanks for your cooperation!

This week I received an article on how the people in our lives are affected if we’re addicted to our phones.  Here’s a true confession:  I feel as though there are times when my child may think that I’m addicted to my phone because I choose to be involved with it instead of interacting with her.   This article was an interesting one because of how involved we are with our phones.  I hope you too, find it helpful and informative!

Powerful Ads Show What Your Child Sees When You’re Addicted To Your Phone

Caroline Bologna Associate Editor, Voices, The Huffington Post

Posted: 07/10/2015 | Edited: 07/10/2015 05:03 PM EDT

A new Chinese ad campaign illustrates the way smartphones can affect family life and relationships.

Titled “Phone Wall,” the campaign by Ogilvy & Mather China is a literal representation of the barriers to human relationships that screen addiction creates.

Credit: Ogilvy & Mather China

“Pulling out a phone during a conversation is like erecting a brick wall between two people,” Juggi Ramakrishnan, Executive Creative Director (ECD) of Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai, told The Huffington Post. “We want people to see this and rethink their relationships with others and their phone in a different light.”

The campaign is for the Center for Psychological Research, Shenyang, a government body focused on raising awareness around social issues and causes. Ramakrishnan says screen addiction is a growing issue in China. “This is a definite pressure point that Chinese society is facing on its path of rapid development,” he said, noting that smartphones and social media seem to permeate “all aspects of everyday life” — from shopping to business to social interactions.

This pervasiveness has the potential to be especially detrimental to families with kids, says Ramakrishnan.”There is an alarming trend of parents ignoring their children of all ages, paying more attention to their phones and tablets than their immediate surroundings.”

Credit: Ogilvy & Mather China

Consequently, children may feel they aren’t getting the attention they need. “Children who need their parents’ responsiveness when they are angry, sad, frustrated or excited, now find they must compete for it,” he continued. “It’s almost like dealing with sibling rivalry. Except that the rival is a new electronic device. This trend, if unchecked, can lead to psychological problems.”

Ramakrishnan also noted that addiction to mobile devices can put a strain on romantic relationships as well, as partners may become less responsive to each other’s feelings and have fewer meaningful interactions.

Ultimately, this campaign is meant to spark conversations about smartphone addiction. “The objective is to get adults to rethink their relationship with screens,” the ECD said. “And to get them to put down their devices when they are with other people; be it their children, their friends or their partners.”

“The people in our lives should get priority over devices.”

Upcoming Events:

*August 6th:  Pizza Night!  Please join us for fun and great food!

*August 28th (rain date August 27th):  End of the year event!

*September 4th: Shut down day, Parkside is CLOSED

*September 7th: Parkside is CLOSED for Labor Day

Enjoy your weekend,

Jen V.

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