Zion 5/1/15

This week in Zion we had fun through the exploration of bugs. We read lots of bug books, examined bugs under magnifying glasses, and played a lot of fun, musical games. I believe the lightening bug game with glow sticks in the dark was the most fun for our friends! We pretended to be marching ants, wiggling worms, and built beehives! We wore antennae and used our hands to create butterfly prints. We also had fun getting out on the playground. The children used rakes, shovels, and hoes to dig in the mud and puddles! We had a visitor on Wednesday that thrilled the children. She was a week old, bottle-fed lamb named Piccalily! She was given a bottle and played in the school yard. The children were very kind and nurturing towards her. We were very pleased at the welcome they gave her and their gentleness and caring. Check out some pictures of Piccalily on our Facebook page!

IMG_0418 IMG_0412