Yellowstone 10/31/14

Hello from Yellowstone!

This week was all about Halloween. We made black and orange collages and danced to Halloween music. “The Monster Mash”, and “Ghost Busters” were two of the favorites. We practiced being witches, ghosts, mummies, and bats. The children talked about their costumes and how excited they were. We even had Halloween books to read. Some of our favorites were, “There was an Old Lady who wasn’t Afraid of Anything”, “We’re off to Find the Witches House”, and “Where’s my Mummy?” I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!


Please Label, Label, Label everything!

We are a nut free school so please read labels carefully, as we will not be able to serve items even if it may contain nuts.

We are asking all children in our class to have 2 sets of pants, shirts, and socks in their spare bin in our bathroom.

November 13th we will be having a pizza party that everyone is invited to. The cost is $5.00 per family.

Cold and Flu season is here. Please bring in a fever reducer.

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