Jen V. 10/31/14


Happy Halloween!!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun night!  We certainly had fun by showing our awesome costumes to our friends and teachers as well as participating in fun Halloween activities!  Thank you to everyone for remembering our No Candy Policy.  If you have a pumpkin in our Parkside Pumpkin Patch please make sure to pick it up by next weekend or we will dispose of them.  Thank you for everyone who participated in this event!  I have many updates and reminders to share in my blog.

TOYS FROM HOME:  We have completed our transitional phase of the “school” year here at Parkside.  Therefore, we are requiring all toys from home to stay home.  If your child uses a toy as a transitional object in order to make drop off easier, please bring the toy in, have your child say good bye, and take the toy home.  We have made this rule every year in every classroom since the beginning, though some teachers have more sympathy to kids’ pleas than others.  However, we have seen many negative issues associated with toys from home, including but not limited to:  fights over toys that children do not want to share, lost toys (that result in all out searches that take days), broken/ruined toys, “trades” that result in two unhappy families, and distractions/tantrums throughout our days.  Thanks in advance for helping us teach children that it’s great to show those toys briefly but toys should stay home.  Talk with classroom teachers about the possibility of “Show and Tell” in your child’s room.

Parkside snacks:  As you know, Parkside provides an AM and PM snack to children who are in the Sequoia classroom and older.  With this snack we serve either whole milk in Sequoia or 1-2% milk in the other classrooms with both snacks.  When creating our monthly menu we try to provide balanced and nutritious snacks for children by having fresh fruits and vegetables, not too many carbs, as well as providing a dairy component such as yogurt and cheese sticks.  Our goal is to have every child at least TRY our snack.  We have heard from some families that there is “extra snack” in their child’s lunchbox because they do not like the snack provided.  In response to these specific situations, we have advised all of our teachers to provide opportunities for children to try our snack before going to their lunchboxes.  Now, when I think of “trying” I’m not saying that we are going to force children to sit and eat what is on the menu.  But rather, I am saying that we will provide the opportunity for milk to be offered to EVERY child and if they do not like milk then water will be offered.  The same will happen for the food: we will put a sample out for each child to try.  We do not want any child to go hungry, but we do want children to have the opportunity to try healthy and nutritious foods.  Of course if your child has any allergies then they will be exempt from this and please bring in a substitute snack that we can give to your child.  If you do not wish for your child to drink milk, let us know specifically.  As well, we welcome feedback on the snacks, as we are always trying to make them healthier yet attractive.

Heating update:  In last week’s blog we updated you on the deadline for the heating upgrade.  We thought by November 3rd we would be done, but now it has been extended by two weeks.  The reason for the extension is we are waiting for Bangor Natural Gas to come and hook up our gas line.  We will keep you updated on any new information!

Remind 101 and Stormwatch:  Did you get our test text??  If you didn’t that means that you are not signed up for Remind 101.  Remind 101 gives us the ability to text all of our families in the case of an emergency.  Please make sure you are signed up in this system as we are going to send another test text on Monday!!  Here are the directions:

  1. Go to your text messages
  2. Add a new contact
  3. Type in: 207-747-3039
  4. Now add your message: @97e46
  5. Hit send
  6. You will be asked to type in your name
  7. You will be added to our text contact list


At the beginning of the month we published a Snow Policy.  Written in that policy is how we are going to notify you if we are closing; one of those systems is Remind 101. The other method is receiving notifications from WABI stormwatch.  Here is how you can enroll to receive an e-mail notification from Stormwatch:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Sign up for alerts” tab at the top of the page
  3. Scroll down to find Parkside Children’s Learning Center
  4. Type your e-mail and click the Green tab below
  5. After clicking the green tab you will see confirmation of you being added to our notification list


*Daylight Savings:  The time has come to officially say “good bye” to summer and welcome to winter.  At Parkside,  this time of year can be one of the most challenging changes for children, especially at the end of the day when it becomes dark sooner.  Our outside schedules change beginning Monday when our infant and toddler classrooms will go out 2:30-3:00 and Preschool will go out 3:00-4:00.  With all of these changes kids do become confused and worried that their “typical” day should be ending sooner than it does.  As soon as it becomes dark, our toddlers in particular start looking for Mom or Dad.  Please explain to your child that it will be a little different.


Upcoming Events:

*Picture Retakes:  November 5th  beginning at 9:00 will be photo retakes!  Please bring in your photo package if you plan to have your child’s picture retaken!  Stop by the office to sign up!

*November 1:  Parkside food drive:  Please look for baskets in each classroom to place non-perishable items in.  The food will be collected for the first three weeks of November.  On November 21st we will announce the winner of the classroom who collected the most food to donate!!  Please help to make this drive successful!

*November 7-14:  Scholastic Book Fair!!  We are very excited to have books for everyone available to buy.  The books will be displayed in the hallways.  We prefer to charge books to your account versus holding them.   We will accept credit cards, debit cards, checks (made out to Parkside), as well as cash.  Please come to the office when you are ready to check out.  Each classroom will also have a wish list of books they would like to have in their rooms; this board will be displayed in the hallway.  If you would like to donate books, look for the teachers’ wish lists poster.

*November 13, Parkside Family Night:  On November 13th from 5:30-7:00 we will have a family night where families can pay $5 to eat pizza, meet and connect with families, as well as converse with one of your child’s teachers.  There is a sign-up sheet in your child’s classrooms; please make sure to sign-up if you are planning to attend!  We are looking forward to seeing you there!

*November 26th:  Shut Down Day (and the day before Thanksgiving)!  Parkside is CLOSED!  We will have parent/teacher conferences for the morning and afternoon to discuss your child’s assessment.  The times for the conferences are 7-9 and 1-3; please look for the sign-up sheet in your classroom.  Conferences are limited to 15 minutes; if you’d like more time please schedule time with Allison.  If you are not able to meet on the 26th but do want to meet with your child’s teacher please stop by the office to make an appointment.

*November 27th and 28th: Parkside is CLOSED for Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Jen V.