Jen M-R 3/28/14



Parker ate my blog!!

Our sincerest apologies, but we will re post some important info from last weeks blog here:


We’ve received a few responses on Survey Monkey regarding our upcoming fundraising yard sale, so here’s an update:  10 families have said they will help with the sale, though only 8 will help clean up.  Most votes have been for June 14th.  One family wants to know why we’re raising money for a fence when there are lots of things that Parkside needs.  The answer to that question is that in last year’s Parent/Teacher meetings parents identified the parking lot area as a concern:  when they take their children out of their cars, kids sometimes run away and the road nearby is very busy.  Parents theorize that a fence will slow them down and possibly prevent a tragedy.  We explained that it simply isn’t in the budget to put up a fence along there, and parents felt like a fundraiser was the answer.  Safety is always a priority here, so we’re in favor of the fundraiser as long as we have lots of help! Please check your email and be sure to fill out the survey on Survey Monkey to give us your opinion!  Our next Parent/Teacher Advisory meeting is Thursday, April 10th when we’ll talk about our parent survey.  If you want to read last year’s survey to understand what to expect, stop by the office and we’ll give you a copy.

The Hop-a-thon is Coming!

On Friday, April 18th we’ll be having a “Hop-a-thon” to benefit Muscular Dystrophy.  Children will “hop” around the playground with the Easter bunny for a set amount of time (usually about 10 mins) and families get sponsors (i.e. donators/contributors) to give money for the cause.  It’s a good cause and the kids have a good time—who can turn down the Easter bunny?  Usually it’s a nice spring day (though we’ll have a rain date if it’s not) and all are welcome.  Tuesday/Thursday kids may attend with an adult.  So start talking up our fun event and everyone will benefit!

Ross Manor Visits!

Did you know that we have elderly residents of Ross Manor come to visit about once a month?  Ross Manor buses a few residents here and they interact with our Pre-K classrooms.  What a sweet group!  We’re very grateful to Ross Manor for reaching out to us [through Miss Lisa] and sharing their lives with us occasionally.  Due to privacy laws, we cannot share their pictures with you right now but hopefully in the future we can.

Miss Trudi visits!

Miss Trudi Plummer from The Maine Discovery Museum visits about twice a month and shares LIVE science with us!  She often brings animals, but will also bring animal skins or taxidermied animals.  We are thrilled when she visits our two Pre-K classes, but anyone can visit her Tuesday-Sunday at MDM.

PRE-K sign up

This is the last week to sign up your child for Pre-K if you haven’t already…we’re up to 18 children of 20 spots in Olympic.  Please see Jen, Jen or Lindsay to give us your $100 prepayment.

PRE-K and the summer

New Rule:  Your child must stay enrolled at least part time through the summer to be guaranteed to be part of the Pre-K class in the fall.  You can take your chances and give us 30 days’ notice anytime, but if our class is full in August then your child will be enrolled in another preschool class vs. “the Pre-K class.”  Otherwise, Parkside cannot afford to retain our high quality teaching staff over the summer.  If you take your chances then you can join the wait list and call us in August, but there is no guarantee.  If you’ve prepaid the $100 and choose not to stay enrolled, that tuition can be applied to preschool tuition but will not be refunded if you choose to send your child somewhere else.  Please understand, we’re not trying to be difficult, but we ARE a year-round school with professional staff that we want to maintain.  See Jen M-R with any questions about this policy.

30-day Notices

Please remember that families must give Parkside a 30-day WRITTEN notice (email is ok but be sure I write back to confirm I received it) if they are leaving.  That means, if you want to leave for the summer or even go to Kindergarten, we need your written notice of the exact day your child will be leaving.  Pre-K students who are graduating should keep in mind that graduation is June 20th, so if your child is leaving after that be sure I receive your notice by May 20th.  Graduation is a pretty big deal around here, so even if you think you won’t need care for all of June graduates should stay at least part time to practice songs, presentation, etc. for the program on June 20th.  If you are reducing your child’s schedule, we also require a 30 day notice for planning purposes.  Thanks in advance!