Jen M-R 10/24/13

I’m so happy to be back after a nice, restful week in South Carolina!  My husband and I had good weather and good food, but now it’s time for the “festive” season to begin!  Halloween is always the kick-off for all the wonderful holidays that are fast approaching, so fasten your seat belts, here we go!

A quick reminder about Halloween:  PARKSIDE will provide all the snacks for that day, so please refrain from bringing anything in.  Classrooms will be preparing pumpkin muffins and we have some festive nut-free cookies for the afternoon…in addition to our usual fruit and veggie selections.  NO CANDY is allowed in the days that follow Halloween, either; therefore, please allow your child to eat their trick-or-treating stashes at home versus here at school.  We have several children with severe allergies, candy is just not nutritious, and sugar highs followed by sugar crashes will only make children’s lives more difficult.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation with this policy.

Don’t forget:  your child can wear a costume to school for Halloween, but we’ll help him/her put the costume away before recess after we’ve enjoyed some Halloween activities and a Halloween parade.  Please provide regular clothes for your child to change into.  Parents are welcome to stop by to take pictures but we can’t guarantee exactly when the parades will take place…talk with your child’s teacher about a good time to come in if that’s something you want to do.

Throughout the month of November [which starts the day after Halloween, of course] we’ll be collecting non perishable items for our less fortunate neighbors.  Please look for the big bags or boxes outside each classroom and help us fill them full of food for others.  Thanksgiving time is a great opportunity to remember how fortunate we are NOT to worry about where our next meal is coming from.  We’ll be having a contest to see which classroom can gather the MOST non perishable items…so help your child’s class win!  We’ll all be winners if we gather LOTS of usable food.  Thank you!

Picture retake day is now scheduled for Tuesday, November 5th.  Most of the pictures came out AWESOME and we commend BEL PORTRAITS for a fabulous job done!  However, if you’re unhappy with your child’s picture please see one of us in the office to sign up for the retake day.  We’ll begin between 9-9:30 like we did last time; make sure we know what outfit your child should be wearing, etc.

Our next shut down day is Monday, November 11th (Veterans’ Day).  Parkside is closed for child care all day with the exception of conference times.  Teachers will be announcing times that they are offering conferences (15 minutes each unless otherwise requested) probably between 10-3 that day.  We will take care of your child(ren) during the conference in a separate classroom, but we need parents to sign up ahead of time.  Please look for the sign-up sheets to be out soon.  IF you are working that Veteran’s Day, please make other arrangements for child care.

November 28 and 29 are Thanksgiving and the day after.  All full-time staff are paid for those two days but we are CLOSED so that everyone may enjoy time with their families.  Therefore, tuition remains the same (as always, tuition here is 52 weeks a year).  We hope you have wonderful holiday plans with your families as well.

Our holiday concert is fast approaching, so mark your calendars now.  Miss Caroline is planning holiday songs with each preschool class (Yellowstone, Big Sur, Yosemite and Olympic) to be sung on Monday, December 16th.  We always have the concerts in the morning beginning at 9:00 and continuing every half hour.  A schedule of times will be announced prior to December 16th.  All are welcome!

We have an odd holiday schedule around Christmas and New Year’s due to the way the holidays fall during each week:  Since Christmas is on a Wednesday, we are open on Monday the 23rd all day but close at NOON on Tuesday, Dece. 24th (Christmas Eve) and will be CLOSED on Christmas Day.  We’ll reopen the morning after Christmas at 6:30 AM and will have normal business hours Thursday and Friday.  The following week, we’ll have a similar schedule where on New Year’s Eve (Tues the 31st) we’ll again close at NOON and we’ll be CLOSED on New Year’s Day.  Normal business hours will take place on Thursday Jan. 2 and Friday Jan. 3.  Please mark your calendars and adjust your schedules accordingly.

Remember, don’t let the holidays overwhelm you and your family!  No one says you have to attend EVERY event or say yes to every invitation.  Sit down as a family and go over your calendar; decide what sanity would look like!  The best thing you can give your children is YOU, not a mom or dad that’s frazzled from too many yeses.  Seriously…it’s not just a cliché they really just want your time…and maybe an empty box or two all wrapped up J.  Fasten your seat belts, here we go…enjoy the week, Jen MR


Oct. 26, Saturday:  Downtown Bangor trick or treating

Oct. 31st, Thursday:  Halloween

Nov. 5th, Tuesday:  Picture Retake Day (sign up)

Nov. 11th, Monday:  Veteran’s Day, CLOSED and conferences

All of November:  gathering food for less fortunate

Nov. 28 and 29, Thursday and Friday:  Thanksgiving and day after, CLOSED

Dec. 16, Monday:  Holiday concerts in preschool rooms

Dec. 24th, Tuesday, Christmas Eve, CLOSE AT NOON

Dec. 25th, Wednesday:  CLOSED

Dec. 31st, Tuesday, New Year’s Eve:  CLOSE AT NOON

January 1, 2014, Wednesday:  New Year’s Day, CLOSED